• littledidiknow:

    Had a great time shooting in Woodstock for the Woodstock Comedy Festival a couple weeks ago.  Here are some randos I shot while in town.

    © Jenny Montgomery

  • balltillifall:

    Blondie - Union City Blue

    Hit play. Drink coffee. Dance around house. Repeat.

    Sing at karaoke tonight. 

  • If Buying Condoms Was Like Buying Birth Control

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  • I need a bike bell.

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  • The Dr is crying in the rain because your show is so bad, Amy Pond. 

  • thugkitchen:

    you’re fucking welcome 

    I am so fucking proud to have been a part of bringing this expletive ridden masterpiece to life.

    Director Dan Schechter at Process

    Editor Sam Puglise Kipley at Whitehouse Post

  • Hitchhiker 히치하이커_11(ELEVEN)_Music Video

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  • madeleinepascal:

    i loved everything about the giant sing-along that was the replacements show on friday night in queens.

    this video captures the big ball of voice that came with hundreds and hundreds of happy fans singing their beer-soaked, wistful hearts out.

    what a great night.

    And this was when the regret kicked in. 

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  • Dodgers Fan?


    I am heading to LA tomorrow and I am doing a video about Yasiel Puig. 

    Are any of you Dodgers fans? Where do you watch games? Do you want to be on camera? 

  • balltillifall:

    We’re still looking for a great home for this incredible cat. Please reblog and help spread the word!